Clamping apparatus automation bolts switch is quick and essence of life is accurate

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With " Fang Shuhan is attacked, authority is in general, lift sufficient left and right sides, have weight " will describe clip is held and capture system builds nobody to change in compose, flexible change, full automatic the action in turning product line has not been been. Inside the factory of limited company of Ningxia small giant of Yinchuan of the Changjiang Delta on Yu Sai of v/arc be on the throne, 5 are in what check and accept level beforehand is full automatic change product line to overcome hero (this one idiosyncratic explanation of SCHUNK) product gets incisively and vividly. This automation product line is wide steam takes the one part that captures cooperative project with car and campstool, this project is in check and accept level beforehand, predict will 2017 the copy is complete consign. In view of wide steam the series that pass Qi is multiplied end with the car at present, had created even more 500 thousand sale is new tall, this project is complied with and be born. In the contest mark of this project, limited company of machine tool of Ningxia small giant is produced formidably with its can (produce can 1500 / year) compare with sexual price more the design program of actor unplugs finally so that the head prepares. The machining center of horizontal of FF-5000 high speed that the project basically produces by small giant robot of robot of truss of 18 stage, MRT and FANUC forms machining center of vertical of high speed of 74 stage, VCS430A 9 times, integral project is had flexible productivity. Those who be implementation product line is fast change model, clamping apparatus, paw is used change module quickly, include male gram to located at 0 o'clock system of 18 right, laden 150kg change robot side quickly 9 with tool side 27, manipulator 64. Product line used knife handle of hydraulic pressure of nearly 400 HSK-A 63, the high accuracy that reachs cutting tool in order to come true to the finish machining of crucial aperture is fast switch. "This is the hydraulic pressure knife handle that the single item that male gram is domestic automobile industry first offers so big lot. " hero restrains accurate and mechanical commerce (Shanghai) Mr Zhu Jiankun shows limited company selling manager. The development course that reviews male gram discovers not hard, hydraulic pressure knife handle is having decisive place, now male gram pushs his successfully to global market, realized the industrialization of hydraulic pressure knife handle. Male gram robot trades unit quickly besides hydraulic pressure knife handle, the clip of male gram held technology and capture system to get good fortune use in this project, because of such, what article begin place mentions is full automatic change product line to just be able to realize height flexible change change with nobody. "Before if should process different work, change clamping apparatus needs probably 1 -- 2 days, can come true not only now 0.

5h unit is changed change model, and the fixed position precision that still can reach micron level. " say of bright red manager. Subsequently, in total stylist Mr Li Yurong of this product line, of the expert class engineer that also is ministry of technology of project of limited company of machine tool of Ningxia small giant at the same time guide below, the author has bring into contact with of favour close quarters this product line. Male gram clip runs technology and capture system efficient in treatment cooperate to introduce according to Home Li Zhuan, this the project involves two gear-box housing (automatic gearshift, hand uses speed change) production of a product line of product line, two engine cylinder body, connecting rod, what every product line can have 5 kinds of different parts is flexible production, among them line of housing, cylinder body from go up expect finished product need not any artificial operations (interference) , came true completely flexible change, what nobody change is full automatic turn production. Product line uses wiring of pattern of AB route system, housing uses robot of ground course type to expect up and down, cylinder body line uses truss manipulator next makings on type, the robot is installed to be changed quickly according to demand in producing wiring, manipulator and clamping apparatus child board wait for on call labour design. Graph 1 robot is passed located at 0 o'clock systematic capture clamping apparatus child board realize much breed to satisfy a client to be on a transfer matic the requirement of compatible production, the robot configured orgnaization of two kinds of capture: Use at capture workpiece and clamping apparatus respectively. The clamping apparatus of the workpiece correspondence of different breed is different, accordingly clamping apparatus body is become by the design child mother board structure, have unified clamping apparatus parent board, many clamping apparatus child board the workpiece of corresponding and different breed. Change clamping apparatus child board when, the orgnaization of clamping apparatus capture that the robot uses configured hero to overcome VERO-S to located at 0 o'clock double module, with clamping apparatus child board the fixed position that go up is sold cooperate clamp, make its move quickly to machine tool interior. The crossing-over of robot capture orgnaization changes hand device implementation quickly by male gram SWS, by location system realized different clamping apparatus at 0 o'clock child board with of mother board change quickly, fixed position and locking. Gentleman of day of Wu Wei of engineer of class of expert of ministry of career of automation of limited company of small giant machine tool had detailed introduction to this. Actually, this project product line throws production to be able to realize process ability 1.

The craft ability of 67, integrated actuate rate achieves 88% above, this is the result of joint efforts of element of an integrated many sided. Among them wide steam takes plant of the engine that use a car efficient management is safeguard, the equipment that the high accuracy that small giant produces, Gao Ke relies on is a foundation, the product of male of course gram and technology had crucial effect likewise. Need to bolt switch can change only now clamping apparatus, the part of artificial operation needs before was being replaced completely, those who realized all fronts is unmanned change, flexible change, automation and the stability that move and dependability, elevated production thereby efficiency and produce can. Graph precision of fixed position of class of micron of implementation of product line of 2 gear-box housing is whole treatment process is very coherent, between machine tool of this profit from, robot and clamping apparatus perfect cooperate, the robot that comes from Yu Xiong to overcome is changed quickly, located at 0 o'clock of system and manipulator join to follow fixed position with essence of life neatly. "Changing robot side and tool side quickly to resemble is to press like buckling join means... butt joint of implementation report, gas, locking. " the working way that Home Li Zhuan describes hero to overcome SWS to trade hand unit to the author through the analogy of figure, "The robot changes manipulator of OK and sudden switch, tool quickly end and other carry out implement etc, can decrease considerably, replace a hand completely even to move an operation. " complement of bright red manager says. Graph 3 hero are overcome 2 show manipulator is mixed 3 show manipulator is in capture workpiece in switch in the process of clamping apparatus board, the similar manipulator reached since location system at 0 o'clock capture action of male gram. Located at 0 o'clock through VERO-S system, need an operation to be able to realize fixed position and clamp only, achieve the fixed position precision of micron class. This will shorten effectively the time holding card of workpiece, raise machine tool utilization rate thereby, more the manufacturing rationality that raised odd batch. Fall in the manufacturing situation of much breed workpiece especially, have clear cost advantage, can shorten at most the craft of 90% assists time. Bright red manager expresses: "Location system is shirt-sleeve at 0 o'clock two kinds of basic functions, sell implementation center to locate; passes two clip to hold slide block to realize a lock to decide through fixed position, it is the perfect union of machine tool precision and cost. "   and when capture workpiece, move to be spent freely to restrict workpiece, had avoided fixed position and roll namely, 2 point to and 3 show manipulator needs at the same time capture workpiece. "This project chooses PGN-plus2 to point to point to manipulator with PZN-plus3, this series used hero to overcome patent much tine slideway, can gain greater capture power and taller moment of force. " bright red manager introduces, "Chose in the project dustproof with sealed design, still can offer according to specific requirement high temperature resistant, anticorrosive manipulator type selecting. "   is in this project, the FF-5000 of machining center of high speed horizontal that small giant company used campstool gram to produce design research and development for car component batch only. "Construction of series of this machine tool is compact, have speed of high speed feed and tall acceleration, reduce auxiliary time thereby, at the same time equipment has choice of option of A axis, B axis, AB axis, be the same as norms equipment namely 3 kinds of type are extended. Product line uses combination of equipment of A axis, B axis, reduce a spare parts to change attitude, reduce the design construction burden that robot or attitude of manipulator spare parts have, can adjust the mechanical position of product line neatly, simplify compatibility design, optimize automation robot or manipulator to carry out a structure. This is the meritorious service that FF-5000 seriation designs, be born for product line. " Home Li Zhuan introduces say. Graph the knife handle of HSK-A 63 hydraulic pressure that 4 male grams provided large quantities of amounts for this project is communicative the product lifecycle that prospective collaboration shortens ceaselessly, the line of the products that expands quickly and the precision that rise increasingly ask, and the cost pressure of constant growth is affecting modern production. When the partner that chooses male gram to regard this as second project at the outset in memory, home Li Zhuan expresses: "Male gram can accurate the way that holds mechanical domain clip to oppose demand, product of completely contented nowadays changes the demand with shorter cycle, the think of a way that still can think technical personnel place to did not think of even turns into reality, and technology and capture system domain are held to accept client favour quite in clip. " the valuable experience of respect of rich standard module program, custom-built solution, and the distinctive tie that the mix that only male gram can offer maintains technology and clip to run a system, brought huge increase for the user. Actually, between campstool gram and male gram all the time since maintaining good cooperation to concern, automobile industry is the key that both sides pays close attention to more. Have common client group, this is driven necessarily both the cooperation between is closer and closer. The cooperative foreground of refer future, home Li Zhuan expresses: "Present machining industry is higher and higher to the demand of automation, and male gram holds technology and capture system domain to own very comprehensive system in clip, the precision of its product and durable sex are inside course of study the first of all, believe we can have future more thorough collaboration. Believe we can have future more thorough collaboration.. 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