Shallow the equipment that talks about numerical control machine tool chooses and safeguard a point

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Numerical control machine tool is a kind of integrated application computer technology, automata technology, nicety measures technology and the product of typical Electromechanical unifinication such as modern production technology, its control a system complex, price is high, machining plant chooses to buy equipment of numerical control machine tool, want to make sure the technique that processes a spare parts asks above all, can machine the part that gives qualification. It is to should be helpful for improving manufacturing efficiency next, reduce manufacturing cost. The structure that chooses to buy numerical control machine tool to want to consider a machine tool commonly, carring capacity, power, journey and precision. Still answer to ask to mix according to the material status that machines a spare parts, technology condition technology is sophisticated degree, choose the numerical control machine tool of appropriate, economy, after numerical control machine tool buys, still must want to take equipment care and maintenance seriously: 1.

Use device correctly, handlers inspects facility daily. 2.

Diagnose a function what use numerical control system oneself. 3.

The logic that uses PLC program is searched. 4.

With on the spot operation personnel is communicated adequately. Equipment of numerical control machine tool regards the machining of a kind of high-grade as equipment, integrated the much door course such as mechanical, electron, computer, because of equipment of machine tool of this numerical control choice and equipment are safeguarded how to should understand a few knowledge! CNC Milling CNC Machining