CAXA substance design becomes an application in the design in hydraulic pressure collect

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Summary: The collect in introducing hydraulic pressure system is agglomerate the application that designs medium three-dimensional design in CAXA substance, improve the efficiency of the design, visible with dependability. Keyword: Collect is agglomerate; CAXA substance is designed; Three-dimensional design; Diagnostic element foreword is contemporary height of hydraulic pressure system is compositive the development that change is rapid, become an application that waits for crucial part in collect especially, for contented and complex need with accurate design, adopt the CAD platform of three-dimensional design in great quantities. The data that uses steel to learn the maturity such as plating nickel with become apparent character mixes a style with agglomerate collect craft, have service life the advantage such as anticorrosion of long, surface. For better play its use a function, must decorate the position of a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place and span reasonably, special be in tall compositive the advantage that spends a condition to fall to fill fission to reveal three-dimensional design. CAXA substance is designed is one kind has the three-dimensional design software with complete function compositive unifinication, it has Yi Xueyi to use, fast innovation, compatible wait for an advantage in coordination, especially in software " three-dimensional ball " , " intelligence is caught " " intelligent element library " , " pull the operation that puts type " wait for a function, the operation rises simple, quick, convenient, agile, can improve the work efficiency that designs staff substantially. With respect to application this software comes to scale on the hydraulic pressure system in project of extruder of steel of Hua Xin 36MN three-dimensional collect is agglomerate, sufficient test and verify software of CAXA substance design becomes the dominant position in a design and application in collect. The design concept with 1 agglomerate collect and standard are in the design process with agglomerate collect, what the concept of a design that always should follow wants to become a weight with collect namely is the smallest change those who obtain hydraulic pressure component to decorate the biggest change and the optimization of systematic performance. Below the setting that rises continuously in raw material price, design process must consider to get the biggest economic benefits with lowermost cost, be being designed of course is to satisfying the premise that designs requirement and function to fall as far as possible economic data and cost. The design standard with agglomerate collect involves a few aspects: Include the rationality of integral layout, of contented equipment how to turn requirement and tubing trend; Notice the safe span of oil path a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place, the span that prevents across to be interlinked is too small; Note hydraulic pressure cell how to turn characteristic, prevent mutual interference. With scale collect agglomerate substance is a design that will introduce CAXA substance below the hypostatic design with 2 agglomerate collect method and use characteristic. Open CAXA substance to design software, we can see an interface on the right side of " design element library " in, those who have a lot of " intelligent graph element " , if cuboid, cylinder, fastener is waited a moment, OK in designing a process very convenient call these " intelligent graph element " , will improve our design efficiency. Agglomerate appearance is collect commonly rectangular, so direct pitch on " cuboid " procrastinate rectangular entity is formed in putting plot environment. Choice " the editor surrounds a box " the over all dimension that will revise this rectangle substance quickly, can go up to ask according to principle graph a future life becomes all sorts of oil path a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place to come in this rectangle substance next scale collect is agglomerate. Here the introduction creates the method of two kinds of aperture: The first kind is to carry an option " design element library " → " tool " , will " define aperture oneself " on the datum mark that pulls hypostatic surface, playing go out " custom-built aperture " the detailed parameter that differs through set inside the dialog box can generate what what need inside aperture; The 2nd kind of method is the aperture that through rotating the feature generates different diameter and deepness (if insert outfit aperture) , concrete step is choice tool column to go up " rotate feature " , one chooses on entity " datum mark " , in " rotate diagnostic guide " the choice in the dialog box " except makings " , the others acquiesce is installed can, click " finish " hind hypostatic surface appears case of a bar is planar, pass the window next below " 2 dimension plot " and " 2 dimension edit " the section skeleton map that toolbar scale gives place to need opening, click again " the type selecting that finish " appear namely the hypostatic feature of aperture. Of course the Kong Jun that these two kinds of methods generate can adopt a change " custom-built aperture " basic parameter and " editor draft is sectional " the dimension feature that will revise aperture. After making hole, to the feature through stimulating vivid three-dimensional ball Kong Jin goes rotate, the commonly used function such as translation, copy, array and mirror will decide its are final the position. After all feature aperture is finished, completed the basic design with agglomerate collect basically also. Graph 1 namely already the three-dimensional and hypostatic graph with the agglomerate part that scale completes. Substance of graph 1 CAXA designs the collect of scale to become a three-dimensional figure the apply colours to a drawing with 3 agglomerate collect examines collect is agglomerate after scale ends, for can fast, convenient, intuitionistic observe market is agglomerate and internal the be well versed in of a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place concerns, can pass CAXA hypostatic software " sectional " and " exterior burnish " the function will come true. Should show collect is agglomerate and aleatoric suppose a sectional internal state of affairs, can pass " revise " → " sectional " , choose different sectional type, what click place to want to observe plane again is a bit more aleatoric, the sectional graph with agglomerate collect is shown came, still can procrastinate directly right now it is certain to change sectional edge random of observation of square all along is sectional. If want whole to observe collect to become the correlation of an in-house a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place, can first agglomerate substance is in pitch on collect " the dot side the face " condition, procrastinate next move " glass " to hypostatic surface, this surface even if is in transparent condition, can observe clearly right now all a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place of hypostatic interior, circumstance of follow in a continuous line of the place that checks a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place from aleatoric angle, span, look. Graph the 2 effects after becoming a course apply colours to a drawing for collect, at this moment the sees quiet in-house a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place impact of OK and special clarity. If want to make a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place more easy identify, can add different color to make its form intense chromatism to different a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place, through " design element library " → " exterior burnish " or " color " will procrastinate move differ among them color arrives inside aperture surface generates place to need color. Graph 2 collect are agglomerate apply colours to a drawing the effect pursues the animation design with 4 agglomerate collect is in the example of hydraulic pressure component, we often can see the effect figure that explosion pursues, actually these effects come true very easily in CAXA hypostatic software, not only such, still can use intelligent act in CAXA hypostatic software, static explosion the graph is changed into animation form, as demonstrate animation to broadcast user appreciation, so that more intuitionistic, lively understanding market fabricates the result agglomerately. Collect is agglomerate after scale is good, can assemble the hydraulic pressure that has created component to pass " intelligent animation guide " a future life is broken into simple and easy cartoon, also can pass " intelligent animation editor " the purpose that will make be installinged accurately will achieve make complex animation to athletic process and time. The feature of applied skill ⑴ of 5 CAXA hypostatic software is amalgamative, build warehouse of commonly used feature of hydraulic pressure element. In hypostatic plot process, classics regular meeting makes the standard aperture body of a lot of standard unit, these aperture are secured relative to dimension and use frequency is very tall, because this is OK,stock the aperture look feature of these standards " design element library " in in built diagnostic warehouse, facilitate call again. The method that builds diagnostic warehouse is a choice " design element " → " build " , added a new graph library in designing elemental library right now, if name again,be " hydraulic pressure element " , such but will made diagnostic hole (the bottom outlet that is like 10 diameter a powerful person) incorporate element of a feature puts those who build " hydraulic pressure element " in the library. The feature is amalgamative have two kinds of methods normally: The first kind is pitch on many features aperture, choose " design tool " → " assorted feature " , after deciding, synthesize much feature element for element of a feature, pull its directly next " hydraulic pressure element " in the library can, after saving, can call at any time. The 2nd kind of method is more simple, need to delay the many features opening of pitch on directly only " hydraulic pressure element " in the library can. ⑵ feature element (be like aperture) the applied skill of fixed position anchor. Hypothesis should change the size size with the agglomerate part with good scale, if early days does not have anchorage to the fixed position of diagnostic element condition to have reasonable setting, may make the diagnostic aperture of hypostatic surface does not have as the change with agglomerate collect change, bring about needless mistake to happen. Happen to prevent such situation, hole of a feature can be made in every hind, the fixed position that clicks aperture first is anchorage, activation is three-dimensional ball, through rotating three-dimensional ball grows fixed position anchor the axis to rotate the axes direction that points to aperture, exit three-dimensional and bulbiform condition next. The location that chooses this aperture again is anchorage, click right key to choose " adherent go up in curved surface " . After having such setting to fixed position anchor, no matter how does hypostatic dimension change, diagnostic aperture always adheres to in apparently motion. ⑶ Boer operation becomes a medium applied skill in collect. For more accurate, intuitionistic observe market is agglomerate and internal the be well versed in of a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place concerns, besides with transparent apply colours to a drawing outside means, still have a kind of method: That is used namely " Boer operation " the method concerns the be well versed in of in-house a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place to come with hypostatic and true showing, so OK more accurate, more intuitionistic, more careful observation. Move is as follows: ① is in " design element library " in procrastinate put a cuboid. The measure of the as agglomerate as the part that already made appearance that over all dimension of ② change cuboid makes is consistent. ③ at the same time pitch on two substance, choice " design tool " → " reduce operation " , make a plan namely 3 show the result, the has a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place only hypostatic feature that appears in the graph at this moment. Graph 3 collect are agglomerate via the effect graph after Boer operation the project with 6 agglomerate collect pursues scale ⑴ is in CAXA substance software the function basically uses the 2 dimension plot of software of substance of CAXA of scale project attempt to found with three-dimensional spare parts or the 2 dimension that assemble correlation. Measure generates to be in what the project in hypostatic software pursues: ① chooses " file " → " build " → " plot " , enter project attempt environment. ② chooses " generate " → " view " → " standard view " , pitch on " standard view " the view that expression wants in the dialog box undertakes generating. ③ uses the function of 2 dimension plot in CAXA hypostatic software to have an edition to project attempt. ⑵ is in what the project pursues in attempt of project of the scale in CAXA electron drawing board in CAXA electron drawing board generate measure to be: ① chooses " tool " → " view management " → " read in standard view " , choose already the document of CAXA hypostatic graph that scale completes, in " standard view is outputted " the view that place of the pitch on in the dialog box should express undertakes generating. ② chooses " tool " → " view management " → " make cutaway view " , choice analyse looks the position and way, generate needs cutaway view to convey the diameter of in-house a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place and deepness. ③ revises change when file of CAXA hypostatic graph, the plan of 2 dimension project that already made also can carry an option " tool " → " view management " → " view is updated " will change in real time. ④ uses function of 2 dimension plot to undertake to project attempt final project pursues editing generating. Graph 4 it is collect the project plan that agglomerate substance makes through CAXA electron drawing board. Graph the project that agglomerate substance makes 4 part pursues 7 epilogue are in modern manufacturing industry, scientific administrative system, close technological process, cooperate the solid base that advanced design software and treatment facilities are product of the high quality that finish again. Collect is agglomerate a when regard a fluid as the system important part, with CAXA substance software is had very strong alternant sex and can inspect a gender, can raise the dependability that designs efficiency and product not only, and the operation is handy, agglomerate to increasing volume design level has very great help. CNC Milling CNC Machining