Tangential cutting tool is rolling a flower reliable exercise security is provided in treatment

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When round outside undertaking to turning workpiece treatment, work staff besides have particular demand to service life of equipment and treatment economy besides, also can raise very tall requirement to exercise security at the same time. And tangential the requirement that the side of treatment rolls beautiful cutting tool to be able to satisfy this respect. Wagner company produces the cooperation of manufacturer and final user with all sorts of different machines through 10 years several, in turning workpiece outside round treatment respect accumulated a lot of valuable work experience. These technical know-how also can be used at undertaking rolling light to turning workpiece now, shape or roll beautiful treatment. Ability of conventional technology rolling a flower was not worth HN-metallbearbeitung company to purchase machine tool of the Twin 65 of Gildemeister company double main shaft in the light of task of treatment rolling a flower. Because be on equipment devoted and tremendous, HN company is in of cutting tool choose a predetermination to use charge to compare small technical program surely, use groovy cutting tool rolling a flower namely. But, program of this kind of technology created exercise security however the difficult situation with difference and tall percent defective. For example, the problem all appeared on the dependability that rolling beautiful treatment quality and itself of flow rolling a flower, give what overlap now to roll beautiful structure grain to wait repeatedly. Although the problem can get settlement, but still cannot satisfy a requirement in exercise security aspect. Accordingly, HN company decides another kind of replacement scheme that recommends to Gildemeister company, namely system of Wagner cutting tool undertakes examine and verify. Gildemeister company revealed a cutting tool that can achieve use requirement to HN company, undertook to this model cutting tool the function of a month checks by a definite date next, contained craft security and service life mainly among them detect. HN company thinks to check a result everything is good, ordered this cutting tool. And test cutting tool still can be withheld continue to use on equipment, till what order till cutting tool arrives actually. HN company from Feburary 2011 the portion begins devoted on equipment of Gildemeister machine tool use B15 K flank to roll beautiful cutting tool (graph 1) , RGE 1 of have the aid of of this cutting tool.

0 prejudicial roll a flower, the high strenth forging of 135mm, heavy to growing 600g undertakes machining (graph 2) , the handling time that work place needs is 5~6min. Because equipment of this machine tool works 5 days every week, press everyday three-shift system moves, because this day produces work,the amount can amount to 250. Graph B15 K of 1 Wagner company cut sideways cutting tool rolling a flower to be in stainless steel of treatment high strenth can ensure security of exercise rolling a flower pursues when prejudicial turning workpiece 2 RGE 1.

The 0 high strenth stainless steel that roll a flower are prejudicial turning workpiece, through using Wagner company B15 K model cut sideways cutting tool rolling a flower, its whole handling time can shorten circumstance of 20% real works makes clear, wagner flank rolls beautiful cutting tool besides can ensure besides exercise security, still have many distinct advantages, for example the tower above that service life should forecast than Wagner company is severalfold. The first cutting tool that HN company place uses is machined only new cutting tool changes with respect to need after giving about 500 to roll a flower, and a B15 K flank rolls beautiful cutting tool to be able to realize treatment 14000 times to work. Detect for what the user offers economy and groom Michael Nitsch of HN company general manager expresses, use Wagner cutting tool machines the time of a workpiece, relatively shortened about at the craft previously 20% , the basic cycle time of treatment rolling a flower shortened than conventional technology even 70% . Treatment flow needs 1~1 previously.

5min, need 20s only now. According to original business accounting, apportion is a few euro to the treatment charge on every workpiece, need branch of a few Europe only now, this machines hundredfold of fashion division approximate number than the tradition. Only when when the service life of existing cutting tool rolling a flower ends, ability achieves accurate test result. But Nitsch says, what cutting tool invests is fast reclaim anticipate already unchallenged now. Accordingly, during this, all use the cutting tool of Wagner company only to the treatment of high strenth workpiece, the exercise security that HN company uses a standard to roll beautiful cutting tool to fail to come true is able to come true now. Roll beautiful cutting tool besides use B15 K flank besides, the work staff of HN company still uses the axial drive cutting tool of Wagner company. This kind of cutting tool can be used at be being machined to the milling of workpiece on Twin 65 equipment. Because 99% shape,workpiece is had outside round whorl, need uses the treatment cutting tool that contrasts economic material benefit, because this company also has continued,the plan purchases this kind of cutting tool. HN company says, cutting tool has an advantage in exercise security aspect not only, improving quality rolling a flower, reduce treatment charge and shorten the respect such as handling time all also is such. In the integral collaboration process with Wagner company, this company is right the offers the test with goods and reasonable charge and Gao Shuiping quickly advisory service of cutting tool product all praiseworth. This all also was reflecting the concept of Wagner company with example, provide quick and handy service support for the client wholeheartedly namely. When the technologist can offer proper technical program, this company can do free to offer to the user. The process is here medium, the company still provides on-the-spot guidance to the user, debug and groom service, and these services are low collect fees. These cutting tool that all proved Wagner company are to be able to satisfy an user to wait for the requirement on the respect in cutting parameter, service life and workpiece quality. Because the user need not undertake test and verify personally after buying Wagner cutting tool, be debugged because of when this is using Wagner cutting tool, won't be being assumed and acceptable risk. CNC Milling CNC Machining