Che Xi machining center is driven super- contemporary model the production of turbine

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The company of ABB turbine system that is located in Switzerland to capture clever Nao city is in workmanship of its turbine supercharger, bold attempt applies center of mill of car of two Stama MC 834/MT Compact to score a success. The initiative operation that these two equipment use at undertaking aluminium pledges compressor verticillate is produced. The quality to final precision and balance made this process enormous contribution. This new-style engine that produces turbine supercharger for ABB only machines a factory, can saying is approximately perfect. It reflected ABB deeply to be in the cost effectiveness with Swiss extremely high manufacturing industry. However, tall cost effectiveness is not accomplish in one move. After inspecting this complete air conditioning to accuse the lukewarm, ABB that has 80 employee to distinguish a works, discover not hard, every detail here -- shed logistics to content from professional safety, arrive from production assemble, passed careful consider. ABB dares to develop innovation, adopted the most advanced production methods, the only way that because this is this company,assures requirement of hi-tech of its turbine supercharger. In Swiss job shops, the flow safety that produces high level of cost effectiveness hang on and productivity. Controller of turbine supercharger job shops Mr Christian Hehs of derv and gasoline engine sums up as follows: "In this factory of ABB, the compressor that we machine turbine supercharger annulus the axis that needs with place. Subsequently, turbine supercharger (graph 1) is assembled in our assembly line. They are used at engine of small-sized power plant, engine, shipping and construction project machine -- the diesel oil that turbine supercharger basically uses at 500kW above and gasoline engine. Quality is the mainest index. For example, if the turbine supercharger of shipping engine malfunctions, its are damaged may reach 6 digit quickly. In other words, must put an end to the happening of breakdown of this kind of technology. Quality has priority most forever. However, quality is concerned with 0 fault rate not only, and with the best function, biggest yield about. Efficiency must be highest and appropriate material quality and production bear ability is having conclusive effect in this respect. " the graph is aluminous qualitative compressor in 1 picture annulus. These turbine supercharger are used at shipping derv engine, power plant to perhaps build project machine, if shipping engine can be easy to do,use the efficiency that improves large engine and property real estate is unripe exceed 100000hp(1hp=735.

The power of 5W) , no wonder. Had turbine supercharger, the output of a large engine can rise 75% . The heart of turbine supercharger: Rotor rotor is the heart of every turbine supercharger. Because the temperature inside inspiratory spirit way is inferior, usable aluminium will make compressor annulus the low density of; material has positive effect to locomotive condition in inertial respect. Because have hot air stream, need uses turbine of heat-resisting chrome-nickel steel in tail gas extreme. Mr Christian Hehs thinks: "In job shops, our working procedure can describe so: We can access CAD data directly, also can write CAM program. The section that these jobs produce by responsible arrangement is dealt with. The working procedure of the crucial part that the machine operation personnel of this branch and expert are in charge of checking the resource that relies on us to cannot be produced. If some places must be revised, we discuss feasible improvement with development staff measure. " when attention flow safety should involve turbine supercharger to make, two when machine treatment system must abide by the most important technology standards are flow safety and the biggest precision. Mr Christian Hehs says: "What use as a result of us is reamer, must use the means that vertical machines so. What make cooperating must be 100% be placed in the middle. Fixed position aperture is so called ' cooperate aperture ' , it is installation and balance compressor annulus what need. We realise through the experiment, reamer cannot locate accurately go up in center of turning of a horizontal, its always locate Kong Chao gave tolerancepublic errand range as a result. On horizontal turning center, gravitational action is apparent. Although this is negligible below most production situation, but in us this specific situation is unallowed however. Accordingly, we must use center of vertical car mill. Bore must satisfy ± the precision requirement of 5 μ M, so that realize the biggest total common difference,do not exceed 0.

01mm, the spare parts that our target is production must accord with quality requirement 100 percent. " graph 2 high accuracy cooperate and 3 whorl must be in compressor annulus (in) hind treatment. The photograph among is inside the boring of aperture, this aperture has spread of high accuracy bore with a reamer even subsequently. What the photograph of right reveals is to be in subsequently machine of the 2nd Stama is opposite on machining center the machining center of Stama MC 834/MT Compact of treatment machine concept of front still provides indispensible flow security. The machine tool uses milling cutter axis to undertake milling and turning, regard the tool carrier of turning process as it. If the thick turning of exterior outline produced mighty power on rotational rolled steel, so torque support force rises with respect to meeting assemble, stabilize milling cutter axis. Such, cut treatment to be able to be achieved into drive a vehicle rotate the utmost of workbench. Gross weight of this machine tool is 9000kg, have extremely the fundamental main body of stocky, won't produce vibration. Journey limits is as follows by set: X=800mm, Y=520mm and Z=510mm. Visit Cheng limits is enough and bounteous, can make the compressor that hefts 5kg annulus. Undertaking with quite high rate machine treatment still has a marked characteristic is machine treatment can achieve quite high rate. The quick stroke of all reference axis is 60m/min about. In Z axis, axial acceleration can achieve 10m/s2. Job of main shaft drive is characteristic also perfectly. In occupy empty rate to be 100% and 20% when, torque grade can be achieved respectively about 73N.

M and 170N.

M, main shaft outputs the) when be 22kW and 51kW(to be 10000r/min in the biggest rotate speed respectively. Circular table (the driver of turning main shaft that perhaps saying explicitly is turning workpiece superpose) can output 50kW(20% to hold empty rate) with 4200r/min of the biggest rotate speed. This bottom turning rotates unit asks by ABB the design became the unit that did not circle an axis to rotate, because the applied circumstance of this company does not need this reference axis. Graph what 3 graphs left shows is to begin treatment of back end machine. The concept of this machine is representing the design of center of mill of a kind of car, compare good understanding. Drawing right shows in-house front machine is machined. Milling cutter axis (on the top) use as turning tool carrier, consequently must the cutting tool that can support corresponding tall torque NextpageHSK- A63 to be used for turning main shaft, it assures to have very precision and tigidity. Additional, because have groove, it can deliver very tall turning torque. Have in the process that provides cutting tool afresh inside buy airs automatically function surely clean cutting tool. Machine aluminous material to still have a main index, it is efficient offer refrigerant. Main shaft offers refrigerant with the intensity of pressure of 70bar(1bar=1 × 105Pa) . Diameter of the biggest cutting tool is 78mm. However, if have additional space, it can increase 160mm. Cutting tool can achieve 300mm to grow, gross weight amounts to 5kg. Time of cutting tool switch is 3.

3s. Mr Christian Hehs says: "To us, can lay 64 cutting tool relatively bolo library is very important. Such we can be between small series switch, and need not provide cutting tool afresh. We choose a of this kind of machine tool very serious side, it is the time weak point that it provides cutting tool afresh, flow has high stability. Additional, we still think, this machine tool is an user friendly model, and the space that it occupies also is not very big. " graph 4 go up round of semifinished product that the graph shows to Stama center is being machined and turning outline, next graphs are a finishing already compressor annulus control: Complex but however the control of the machining center of Stama of easy to handle and function are more complex. Accordingly, the user that wants to know how machine tool operator evaluates a machine tool is friendly quality. Mr Christian Hehs says: "Machine tool operator discovers Fanuc controller is used very easily. The newest generation that what the machine tool chooses is Fanuc 31 series, and the likelihood will be in henceforth 5~10 year carry this one technology fiducial. But, machining 3 whorl is not simple technology. " the machine in two identical version undertakes manufacturing aluminous compressor on machining center annulus manufacturing process is as follows: Normally, production has on two identical on the design machining center. The hand moves an operation lade. Preexistence " clamp position 1 " go up at the back of treatment, be in next " clamp position 2 " on before treatment. In this job shops, processing an operation for many times is a standard process. This means two opportunity machining center can be operated by an employee. This factory is two make every weeks of work 5 days at present, will set on Saturday for motor-driven weekday. When necessary, production can add three-shift system. Rear and exterior outline is in " the position of clamp 1 " go up to undertake first beforehand car, drill central hole beforehand next. Finally, precision work is outside what terminal outline makes is smooth, again boring interior outline, final step is aperture of fixed position of bore with a reamer and exterior precision work. After aperture of good in treatment fixed position, want a car to give 3 whorl, use a compressor annulus installation is in turbine supercharger makes on the axis its be placed in the middle. Aperture of bore with a reamer and car whorl need specific cutting tool. After these measure on machine tool of the first Stama MC 834/MTCompact are finished, workpiece is moved across on machining center of the 2nd Stama, in order to machine its front. Graph 5 go up the graph is the turbine supercharger that has assembled completely almost, next graphs are compressor annulus examine finally new card is close the precision that because ask,need not take reference point is very tall, new card tightens workpiece to be not easy thing. It must with 0.

The accuracy class of 02mm is in by outfit card the 2nd position. Basis of specially blocking claw compressor annulus had undertaken adjustment. Use card close tool is very professional, job shops is returned ever at this point utility has undertaken technically assessment. Manufacturing operation is subsequently OK proceed, need not choose reference point beforehand. Prohibit blocking close position in the 2nd evenly afresh, treatment process also from exterior outline (beforehand turning) begin. Next, put on 11 coaxial whorl to get core, so that use cold figuration tap,attack an in-house whorl. Then, drill central hole, undertake boring, bore with a reamer again. Last pace is inside hexangular boring and inside the finish machining of outline. After all treatment measure are finished, be opposite namely compressor annulus undertake detect and be balancinged. The balance should be adjusted alone to every component before assembling. In rotor (compressor annulus with turbine impeller) after installation is fine, want to check the quality of the balance. The marked characteristic of this process is, once assemble,finish, do not allow readjust balance. If assemble good rotor completely to appear quite lopsided condition, so at least a component must discard as useless. Say according to Mr Christian Hehs, up to now the user of ABB alludes when their use experience, those who say is meddlesome: "So far we had not encountered any major problems completely still. We these machine investment move rectify a year. Now a year guarantee period had expired, and safeguard an agreement one new year to begin go into effect. What have some of trouble exclusively now is to be safeguarded remotely. " " however, this should be very fast can solve. " Mr Gustav Fricker (Swiss Stama general manager) acceptance says. The user hope of ABB is safeguarded remotely aux will be able to offers more low cost and rapid and efficient service. Graph advanced stage reveals center of mill of car of two Stama in the 6 factories that are in company of ABB turbine system turbine supercharger must satisfy various need the integrated technology that ABB group controller Mr Christian Hehs takes ABB seriously to in turbine supercharger develops and produce a field very: "Company of ABB turbine system is in charge of developing the turbine supercharger that coordinates the work technically with engine in the round. The research and development that this includes machine prototype works and the test has on engine. In this respect, the requirement of each user has very big different. For example, if we are construction project machine to do a design, we must consider all rotate speed range, and the rotate speed of shipping derv engine is in nearly always same a grade. Accordingly, the definition of standard of turbine supercharger technology is completely different. The development of turbine supercharger must agree with these technical standards. And the special skill that this is us. " in principle of turn up 75000r/min, turbine supercharger includes to shed turbine of medium a tail gas in tail gas, it adopts an axis drive the compressor in inspiratory spirit way. This compressor raised engine the pressure in inspiratory spirit way, it is consequently inside an inspiratory cycle, pressure of more ordinary than be in air issues the empty tolerance that enters engine air cylinder many place is inspiratory. Such, can enougher oxygen helps the fuel with more combustion. This increased the intermediate pressure of engine and its torque, increase its function output thereby. Of ABB super- contemporary model company of system of turbine of turbine production ABB is in workmanship of its turbine supercharger, bold attempt applied center of mill of car of two Stama MC 834/MT Compact to score a success. The initiative operation that these two machines use at undertaking aluminium pledges compressor verticillate is produced. The quality to final precision and balance made this process significant contribution. Because technology is right precision standard and the demand with safe course are very high, only center of vertical car mill can be contented. CNC Milling CNC Machining