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Informatization becomes automobile factory business to accelerate a product to appear on the market the efficient way of periodic, managing cost, the enterprise accelerates the digitlization of oneself to build eagerly, project of DELMIA number chemical plant is one of application is wide and effective solutions. Project of DELMIA number chemical plant is me the solid bestow application that the company suits our company to digitlization craft is designed and emulate test and verify to build one cycle, and the relatively advanced PLM software project inside an introduced trade, start from the project up to now, the project implements in order, have sectional promotion, have solution of DELMIA number chemical plant demonstrative now. DELMIA offerred the E-Manufacturing electron that the most comprehensive, compositive chime is the same as current industry practicable to make a solution. The target of DELMIA is to offer to be able to inspect fictitious number to create an environment, in order to build nimble, distributed production system, profit of final implementation seed creates pattern. Main component is DELMIA software 3 main module -- DPE, V5 and QUEST. DPE module aids full name of DPE of force technology program to be " DELMIA PROCESS ENGINEERING " , basically be the tool that technology program personnel operates, to prevent program mistake and the investment to inchoate phase area of cost, workshop and manpower demand have a precise program, need the active support of software of a program in the design phase of the product. And, software must support produce till production from notional design, initial program and program yield whole level, offerred sweeping program to support a type to satisfy all these demand. DPE offerred effective product to assemble the structure is browsed and high-powered component, assemble body and product visible tool. The assembly that technology concept graph offerred clarity the correlation between alignment relation and craft and product, craft and resource, if pursue the technology concept sketch map of 1, every small circle states an unit is operated, this operation is unit associated the tool resource of the car part that needs an operation relevantly to it, need and auxiliary material resource, be like the information of the lubricating oil that drain or whorl glue norm. DPE is based on BOM (project stock detailed account) with data of CAD product model, DPE still offerred the possibility that builds a product to assemble a structure from draft. Graph 1 in the craft map of enumerate arrives in the resource in production concept, refine operation level. Blame appreciation function flows like quality control, content and carry wait to also plan to come in in this phase. Finally, jockey person also is allocated in every working procedure, its work to decide accurately with utilization rate. As whole time surveys compositive plan, DPE was offerred very valuable, the assessment that can form science to craft time and labor demand result, if pursue,the international standard UAS that 2 man-hour evaluate is in STM (Standard Timing Measurement) those who go up apply, feedback thereby in product development and other plan allocation, project and quality report. Graph man-hour of 2 UAS of graph of 1 technology concept on STM use a figure 3 ~ 6 it is me some firm model plans stage in production, a few when apply DPE to do technology program to design the application on main job interfaces. Graph the man-machine that 3 windscreen glass rigs a process emulates Nextpage to pursue robot of gelatinize of glass of windscreen of around of 4 product line emulates a graph assembly of dashboard of 5 product line is assembled emulate the module of V5 module DELMIA V5 that is used at emulating test and verify, v5 basically is to be used at three-dimensional emulation test and verify, undertake differentiating to distribute humanness machine again according to the function (see a picture 3) , robot (see a picture 4) and assemble test and verify (see a picture 5) emulation test and verify. Man-machine emulates test and verify, offer a series of human body emulation imitate and human element (HF) the architecture of the tool, reach its to make to personnel, the correlation between installation, operation and maintenance product, intuitionistic understand easily and plan optimization. The robot emulates test and verify, the design that is used at robot work unit, evaluate and leave line process designing. The robot handles imitate solution and product of robot series tool, unifinication is compositive science of attribute of real environment robot and peripheral equipment, motion, motion, motivation science and input / output logic is academic, can produce accurate emulation imitate and program. The position of optimization robot, motion and periodic time. Assemble craft test and verify, the assembly of the OK and intuitionistic product that browse is mixed orderly assemble craft, rise production resource and join of every pace craft, after can undertaking analysis of 3 kinds of test and verify is finished constructional analysis, collision to check analytic above, can derive through custom-built script exercise instructor. QUEST emulates the content inside the factory to shed QUEST to basically be used at the emulation that the content of factory interior sheds, undertake content sheds the emulation of efficiency and test and verify, if pursue,6 shown QUEST are used at welder the emulation of content shedding efficiency, can show in real time flow in current substance carry means to fall, be versed in a resource inside, be like robot, mechanical equipment and handlers use efficiency, optimize content to spread way thereby, improve skill utilization rate. Graph 6 QUEST is used at welder the emulation QUEST of content shedding efficiency offerred a comprehensive three-dimensional content to circulate emulation plan, engineer of content shedding program undertakes the analysis of content streamline road OK and intuitionisticly, analyse the bottleneck point that content sheds, provide histogram or the analytic tool that cake pursues, can undertake very convenient content sheds line adjust and of content shedding bear adjust. The place on put together is narrated, these 3 module have side key each, divide the work in the light of different role, offerred to plan to shed the complete set solution that plan analyses to content again to three-dimensional and detailed test and verify from craft. Epilogue strange luck group of project of software of Motor Corporation DELMIA arrives to use level actually from the Benchmark of software, optimize the technology program flow below this kind of new-style fictitious environment ceaselessly, with brand-new the new model that still is in digital-to-analogue phase is pilot, undertook below fictitious environment the craft of DPE module plans, decide the correlation of product, craft and production technology natural resources, arrive from the design certainly the whole line of production link, solved a few may omit a product to create downstream a few real problems from product development upper reaches, the harmonious job that is the same as for a short while with product branch so shortened apparently the cycle of phase of model car development. Additional, the module of three-dimensional test and verify below V5 can be versed in to a few keys the emulation that mechanization is soldering or assembles a process to have detail, the interference that exists below the condition that if examine,the clamping apparatus, clamping apparatus that equipment supplies manufacturer to design, equipment and product run in equipment, give manufacturer of car design branch and clamping apparatus, equipment an early-warning next, assembly of clew modification car is designed or the design of clamping apparatus, equipment, additionally QUEST module also can shed program engineer to carry efficiency to offer a very good solution to raise content to flow to content, this software deepened craft program branch and products plan branch and join and communicate of production Technical Division, with a kind of concise, palpability and normative means finishs place of technology program level to need the work, and raise the question that around period discovers to stage of production may appear, avoid to invest error or wasteful time, the end that such doing is will former the likelihood needs 100 cars to undertake trial production is reached produce the time that can climb slope to debug, can shorten greatly it is OK to be debugged for 50 cars through test and verify, make sure the product can enter the market with first-rate opportunity, grab the market first machine. 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