Below Edge CAM environment 3 number of axle accuse the application of milling

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Introductive: Impeller received wide application in current a lot of trades, because impeller belongs to dynamical cell, his shape the performance that the technology often affects place to design a product, so impeller often also is labelled crucial. The curved surface characteristic of impeller often asks much axis CNC Machining, raised finished cost so. The article uses Edge CAM to generate the numerical control code of impeller blades of milling of 3 axes numerical control, reduced the finished cost of a kind of lamina. In the meantime, the treatment that shuts horn face to this kind offerred a new thinking. One, of the problem the impeller blades that if the graph is shown 1 times,puts forward, use method of common 3 axes CNC Machining a few difficulty, the key is phenomenon of interference of coping of the existence when machining blade bottom. If use the method that four-axle rotates to be able to come out its treatment, but the configuration that this certainly will wants to raise a machine tool, itself of some machine tools does not have the possibility that adds four-axle, so more feasible method is the numerical control code that uses Edge CAM to generate, cooperate T form cutting tool to undertake machining at the same time, so this lamina can be machined came out. Graph 1 await treatment lamina model 2, operation measure (1) the entree in clicking Edge CAM to design pattern is odd " file " below " insert a file " , guide the three-dimensional model of blade in Edge CAM environment, add machine tool clamping apparatus at the same time, in order to observe whether interference phenomenon happens. Note the alternative of right now CPL plane, z axis is vertical with machine tool workbench, if pursue,2 are shown. Graph the case holding clip that 2 lamina leave in Edge CAM (2) add treatment semifinished product according to actual condition (graph 3) , insert the three-dimensional model of semifinished product, perhaps click entree sheet " build a model " below " semifinished product / clamping apparatus " , the semifinished product that selects a cube automatically to regard blade curved surface as the part (the attention clicks ability of substance of lamina of the choice after deciding to make practicable semifinished product) . Graph of 3 semifinished product build a model (3) enter treatment mode to fall, choose cutting tool, if pursue 4 choices milling cutter of 3 a T blade, the attention is in " more " below the space that fills cutting tool place to be able to undertake undercut (if pursue 5, without this data, systematic general cannot undertake undercut is calculated) , by real measure configuration cutting tool reachs his the position in numerical control machine tool. Graph parameter of 4 cutting tool inputs a graph undercut of 5 cutting tool is apart from parameter (4) click entree sheet " milling is machined " below " outline mill " , enter " outline mill " parameter sets an environment. The attention machines curved surface (or hypostatic) with undercut function pitch on (graph 6, chose 3 T blade only milling cutter or outside knife of head of protruding type ball just is activationed this) . According to blade Z to dimension installs adjacent and planar, datum plane and cutting deepness respectively. Graph parameter of 6 outline mill is installed (5) after parameter setting is finished, click affirmatory, click mouse Zun Jian to choose blade curved surface in graphical work area next, click right key to choose to end. Cutting tool method is generated automatically (graph 7) . Graph graph of method of 7 cutting tool pursues circumstance of 8 emulation treatment (6) click enter emulation environment, the spare parts effect that observes actual condition taking a knife and treatment come out (graph 8) . (7) click generate numerical control code, pass into a machine tool to have effective treatment. 3, the comparison that machines with much axis machines method and common 5 axes linkage or four-axle linkage this kind to machine methodological photograph to compare, have respective actor drawback, we are compared below. Above all, undercut means treatment asks to compare to cutting tool tall, usually can pitch on of 3 blade establish milling cutter, turn over taper knife or be round head establish milling cutter (the big head knife of lollipop type) ; The purpose is to avoid let already was machined model face; And use much axis treatment, can use common ball head knife. Under photograph comparing, cutting tool cost is higher. Next, get spare parts figure the impact is bigger; The angle of blade twist shoulds not be too great, by the also accepts cutting tool highly length restriction of treatment lamina. In addition, ask to compare to software environment when process designing tall, not all software can complete this kind treatment. Although undercut treatment has above a few limitation, but, in actual production, also can bring the profit that a few expect are less than to us. Above all the craft problem that it solved treatment of a 3 coordinate to shut horn face, this kind of problem not only confine above the blade treatment that tells about, a lot of similar 3 coordinate cannot machine contain those who shut part model the face can use this method to machine. This method uses the part that has 3 coordinate equipment to machine treatment of ability of many coordinate equipment to come out effectively, although cutting tool cost is relative taller, but photograph comparing is new a lot of fund were saved for the equipment that buys linkage of a many axis, and can see benefit very quickly; Next, the quality of treatment face is completely OK rival with much axis treatment. In much axis treatment machines a condition to fall, it is the methodological treatment that knife of choice ball head cuts all right commonly, the type of the point contact that be belonged to by treatment surface that forms after cutting tool and treatment; And undercut machines a method, want cutting tool only the choice is right, cutting tool also is belonged to by treatment surface with what form after treatment point contact type, accordingly, exterior quality is basic and same. In addition look from treatment efficiency, because the cutting tool diameter of this kind of treatment is general bigger (if cutting tool diameter is small, affect undercut space; ) , below the premise that allows in the condition, can machine reach the designated position, need not undertake rough machining, because this saved handling time. 4, the article passes the last word the function of mill of a kind of outline in using EdgeCAM, solved the problem of 3 axes milling of a kind of impeller blades. In the meantime, to a few otherer have those who shut part model the face also can use similar treatment method, enlarged the applied domain of equipment of 3 coordinate numerical control and category thereby, increase the use value of this kind of equipment. CNC Milling CNC Machining