Face mechanical equipment to make the CAX/PDM/ERP compositive application of the enterprise

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Machinery plant of oil of 1 introductive Beijing (the following abbreviation: Boreal stone factory) be subordinate to belongs to academy of technology of project of artesian well of company of group of Chinese oil natural gas, it is collect development, design, make, the modern oil that sale, service is an organic whole gets the professional production business that picks equipment. Through the development of 50 one's remaining years, boreal stone factory has been engaged in the factory of simple machining from, grow to be changed for science and technology, the company of new and high technology of digitlization, internationalization. To shorten the difference of as advanced as international company, stimulative company grows for a long time, establish of boreal stone factory the company develops long-term program, made clear " science and technology is changed, digitlization, internationalization " development strategy. Build informatization a when plan as company strategy main component at the same time. Establish " informatization of research and development " , " manage informatization " , " production informatization " , " service informatization " informatization development train of thought and integral structural frame. In the course that boreal stone factory builds in executive informatization, to satisfy not contemporaneous different requirement, implemented systems of all sorts of unit technology information early or late, be like: CAD(Computer Aided Design) , CAPP(Computer Aided Process Planning) , CAE(Computer Aided Engineering) , ERP(Enterprise Resources Planning) , PDM(Product Data Management) , of these information systems carry out the informatization level of management that strengthened a business on certain level, raised what the iformation flow of the enterprise, capital flows to shed rotate speed to spend. 2 CAX/PDM/ERP each system runs survey 2.

Boreal stone factory built moving general situation of ERP of factory of 1 north stone above all 2003 ERP system, include product data management, inventory management, production the module such as management of task of plan management, procurement control, workshop, process management, financial management, cost management. Cover an industry basically sale, purchase, each production such as research and development of financial, product, production, inventory, cost accounting manage link. Of ERP system build make the production of the enterprise runs an activity farther standardization, program is changed, realized an enterprise of content shedding, capital shedding, iformation flow compositive, what promoted business management flow greatly is perfect. At present system of ERP of boreal stone factory has become a company the indispensable business government platform in day-to-day management. 2.

CAX/PDM of factory of 2 north stone runs general situation to run informatization side in research and development, boreal stone factory and other machinery equipment made an enterprise also experience the process that throws drawing board euqally. Through applying CAD(CAXA plate of 2 dimension electron, three-dimensional substance is designed) , the software such as CAPP technology design, the electron that realized all product blueprint is changed. And pass use ANSYS finite yuan of analysis software is crucial to the product component undertakes an analysis, improved the efficiency that product research and development designs greatly. Product data manages (PDM) system is to be implementation in last few years information is compositive and a when development rises advanced government idea, PDM system mixes all message related to the product the process is compositive together. System of PDM of boreal stone factory includes structure of project of product research and development and task management, graph documentation management, product and configuration management, personnel datagram of management of attributive allocation, job shedding, product the function such as the watch. Through having all files related to product research and development centralized government, shortened further product research and development is periodic. 2.

The problem CAX of 3 existence basically is used at the design of the product and analysis; PDM system is used at the data that management and product concern and process; ERP system is used at managing the company natural resources such as the person of the enterprise, money, content, information. PDM system and ERP system are applying the respect such as limits of target, application to differ somewhat. As the progressively development that enterprise informatization builds, in process of government of business research and development, rely on only 2 dimension, three-dimensional, finite yuan of tool such as the analysis kind software, very bad play is had " group spirit " the advantage of collateral design mode. In using a process actually, PDM system and ERP system appeared to delay on function and applied limits unripe, the boundary of both has been broken, put in certain information jackknife, and significant information also is lacked between the system be delivered and information is shared. Because the company is interior all product arrives from the design complete lifecycle lieutenant general of production involves the field such as CAX, PDM and ERP respectively, if these systems cannot undertake be harmonied each other, will develop the efficiency with each due systems very hard. Have news to CAX and PDM and PDM and ERP system so compositive, be designed to optimizing and make a process, quicken a product to arrive from design domain of production domain change, shorten effectively the product forms cycle, innovation of stimulative industry technology has very important real sense. Those who want to realize company natural resources and information is effective share the communication with unobstructed, must effective compositive CAX and PDM and PDM and ERP system, make information height is shared, the whole that promotes a business runs efficiency. The company that at present with executive content abroad has had a lot of modernization begins 3 CAX/PDM/ERP compositive frame to run a company with the thought of industrial project, improve the macroeconomic beneficial result of the enterprise, apply CAD/PDM/ERP compositive system to regard the support of executive industry project as the system. Informatization of research and development of boreal stone mill employs solution of whole of system of the CAD of CAXA company, CAPP, CAM, PDM, those who apply ANSYS CAE to emulate a technology to undertake crucial component is finite yuan of analysis; Boreal stone factory manages informatization to use system of Yi Fei ERP of vessel triumph company. PDM system itself provides certain CAX compositive basis, but lack the significant information with ERP compositive. Boreal stone factory is in acquire Beijing committee of science and technology " demonstrative project of science and technology of manufacturing industry informatization " after the project supports, undertake survey to company demand for service, the CAX/PDM/ERP system that if the graph is shown 1 times,fixed is compositive frame. System of graph 1 CAX/PDM/ERP is compositive frame by the graph 1 can see, the information of boreal stone factory is compositive frame basically comprises by two shares iformation flow: Be based on PDM platform, it is the iformation flow of design innovation catenary of core content with CAX; The production that is core with ERP supplies catenary iformation flow. Each unit technical information systems pass two iformation flow organic correlation rises, iformation flow enclothed a product to arrive from the design all lifecycle of implementation. 3.

The 1 CAX/PDM that is based on PDM is compositive the CAX/PDM that is based on PDM to be platform is compositive, it is to should solve the information between each CAX systems and PDM actually mutual question: ① decides according to demand for service each CAX and PDM are interactive information content, ② uses reasonable compositive means, form an information environment that shares in coordination finally. CAX and PDM information are interactive if pursue,2 are shown. Nextpage of compositive sketch map of graph 2 CAX and PDM according to afore-mentioned compositive train of thought, the CAX that stone factory built north to be core with CAXA PDM is compositive, CAXA PDM system uses electronic storehouse to have centralized government with all sorts of knowledge documentation to blueprint, data is offerred to add when management wait for security measure closely; On the base that runs in data set, realize blueprint version to manage, support fast inquiry; The system provides product construction management, the form that cultivates with the structure describes the assembly between product component, spare parts to form a concern, support collects information in the detail column from blueprint paper and caption column, structure of automatic tectonic product is cultivated, guide corresponding blueprint in electronic storehouse; On the base that shares in data, of systematic support component use and duplicate, be helpful for designing an engineer fast on fundamental product compose builds new product. 3.

2Compositive PDM of PDM and ERP and ERP are the core that manages whole product definition and product lifecycle. PDM system basically is to run all message related to the product (include record of file of electronic documentation, digitlization, database to wait) with all processes related to the product (include the work flow and change technological process) technology. It provides the information management of product complete lifecycle, can mix for products plan inside enterprise limits make build to run paralell the synergic environment that change. The product sale status that ERP system basically is expectation of process of control production plan and make these product place need to use up the relation between resource. Accordingly, ERP system needs PDM system to provide 3 kinds of information: ① stock (spare parts, component, material) property information: Norms of encode of the name that is like component, stock, material, generally speaking, stock of the avery kind of in ERP system can have an exclusive code, and code with the stock in PDM corresponding; Information of ② product structure: The structure of father and son that records product and its component concerns, be like: The product is comprised by which a few components, the amount of every component, the component is comprised by which a few spare partses, the amount of every spare parts; ③ processes craft information: The equipment that machines place of a certain spare parts to need namely, man-hour, material. These 3 kinds of information are the fundamental data that ERP system place requires, also be the basis that its have manufacturing management, cost management to wait. Compositive sketch map of PDM and ERP is shown 3 times like the graph. Compositive sketch map of graph 3 ERP and PDM is when PDM and ERP system are compositive, boreal stone factory takes the pattern that develops 2 times with software vendor collaboration, by CAXA custom-built in PDM software development operates an interface, the information such as craft of the stock that accords with ERP interface standard from the extraction in PDM system, BOM, treatment, make corresponding XML file, by vessel nimble Yi Fei ERP offers newest interface program, go to XML information synchronism through interface in ERP. What realized the fundamental information such as stock property information, BOM structure information and treatment craft course finally is seasonable deliver. 4 compositive application develop boreal stone plant is from company core demand for service sets out, pass a series of analytic exploration and practice, undertake CAX/PDM/ERP effective compositive, those who realized information of pivotal business data is compositive, control of final implementation project, documentation is deposited, canal of flow of design research and development, quality accuses, component production is made, overall assemble the efficient management that waits for a process. 4.

The runs PDM application of project of 1 research and development and task is perforative whole process of company design research and development, project management and project pilot. After project of new product research and development is started, project controller stands in PDM (like the graph 4 are shown) , weave and upload products plan bag, have project job refining decomposing at the same time. Documentation subproject controller can log onto PDM to consult related project of new product of the part in graph 4 PDM design assignment certificate and corresponding documentation. After design personnel uses design of software of 2 dimension CAD, three-dimensional CAD to finish, design evaluation is referred in the system, the evaluation technological process that the system appoints automatically according to project controller chases class to undertake examination. Evaluation person can put forward to evaluate an opinion in evaluating a course, do red line annotate on. Relevant personnel can inquire at any time examine and approve a circumstance. Oneself also can consult in designing a process or other cooperate with the design documentation that the staff member uploads, realize real significance to the resource that go up is shared and work in coordination. Project controller plans through undertaking to the process of the project, attemper, surveillance and monitoring, accomplish seasonable palm to accuse to project of whole research and development. 4.

The personnel of compositive management design of resource of design of 2 research and development is met in process of product research and development the file of the blueprint paper with many generation, craft, file such as three-dimensional model. CAXA PDM system supports the batch that designs documentation to upload, and can according to the assembly in blueprint list generates product structure automatically to cultivate (like the graph 5 are shown) concern with the correlation of component, make corresponding component attribute news at the same time. Graph the 5 product data that assemble list to generate product structure to cultivate unified managing, can convenient undertake structural management, drawing government, blueprint modificatory management, use inquiry management to wait, pass meticulous attributive management, assure the integrality of industry data and consistency, achieve the safety administration that logarithm occupies. 4.

The technology design of source of data of 3 unified products is on the foundation that unites data of centralized management research and development, technologist can go to the lavatory to examine craft quickly to design the job, inquiry uses the information of similar treatment craft that already made, revise through CAPP count less partly among them according to, fast derive gives the new craft card of a need. Generated formal craft file also will be released in PDM. 4.

The CAX that the factory of stone of final and compositive north of research and development of 4 companies product and production is based on PDM is compositive, what realized information on program framework and flow of product research and development is alternant, solved process of product research and development basically to cooperate with mediumly the problem that design, data shares. To boreal stone factory, besides the compositive problem that should solve phase of research and development, still need to follow manufacturing process and couple of other management information system, set out from demand for service, build the integrated and compositive solution of company level. To ERP and PDM compositive, basically reflect in product base data compositive. Main component is: Product BOM (contain the information that taste date) compositive process craft information with the product compositive. The transmission of the fundamental data of PDM and ERP, need to undertake be operatinged simply can be finishinged in PDM only. Stabilize to make sure ERP system data is safe among them, before carrying out information of information of BOM, stock and treatment craft course to guide, the process can is opposite automatically data undertakes checking. It is content of pair of the data before guiding, format undertakes checking on one hand, it is to pass ERP interface on the other hand, the product data inside the data that guides the plan and ERP undertakes comparing is opposite, to the data that has existed in ERP, do not allow to repeat guide, the data that whether allows to guide in operation interface admiral undertakes distinguishing with color (gules: Do not allow. Blue: Allow) . Additional, all guide from PDM the data in ERP all has corresponding output log and special number, later period is OK very track and retrieve what logarithm occupies conveniently. What 5 conclusion apply as systems of each unit business information is progressively and thorough, more and more enterprises begin to realize, CAX, PDM and ERP run the different message of the enterprise respectively, only them effective and compositive, ability develops the tremendous potential of each information system, realize business information share. Boreal stone factory sets out from company core demand for service, undertake CAX/PDM/ERP effective compositive, those who realized information of pivotal business data is compositive, obtained first-rate applied result. The compositive practice experience with boreal stone successful factory, it is certain to provide the compositive application that creates a company for other machinery equipment provide the compositive application that creates a company for other machinery equipment draw lessons from and consult. CNC Milling CNC Machining