Change quickly the advantage that chuck enhances car milling machine

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The manufacturer that is located in Chicago area changes those who come from Kitagawa company quickly chuck applies on Mazak car milling machine, increased a lot of dominant positions for its, need one-time outfit card to debug the full treatment that can complete a part to produce only, do not need to go up to transfer and undertake for many times installing getting stuck debugging in much stage machine tool. The manufacturer that is located in Chicago area -- company of Midwest Pressure Systems (abbreviation MPS company) will machine workpiece to be transferred stage by stage from much station milling machine and lathe muti_function compound is produced on Che Xi bed, brought all sorts of advantages of people place expectation. According to the view of this company, the excessive treatment processing of the spare parts already made the history, present spare parts machines those who ask to reduce workpiece to debug setting frequency, so that reduce relevant accumulation error, can reduce machine down time at the same time and raise yield. However, even if through one-time outfit card debugs the machine tool that can produce a part one, change to also need manual operation to another workpiece from a workpiece normally. To ensure these alternate the process is carried out effectively as far as possible, MPS company relies on additionally one kind of solution: Use from Kitagawa Northtech company (the Schaumburg city that is located in Illinois) those who introduce is fast change chuck. New beginning is in fact before 2008, this company does not have any machine tools almost, so to MPS company, increase muti_function the machine tool is his those who walk out of is important one pace. In that year in August, the production that the boss of this company holds father Mr Bob Vogt concurrently to decide to want to make its in-house gets used to range of products of this company core " air and system of gas step up " the rapid development of business. The opportune moment that he chooses is correct: A machine of local that often signs a contract with MPS company the boss of job shops, just decide to want to sell his company recently, then Mr Vogt bought this workshop, reach MPS company its new bought machine tool is all and migratory to now this is located in the 23000ft2 that Bensenville presses down (1ft2=0.

0929030m2) workshop, this ground leaves airport of border of Russia of Chicago Russia the last of the twelve Earthly Branches only a few miles distance. The member that begin this company to have 3 full-time operator and a qualitative check, in the machine of 10000ft2 job shops and bordered quality control room work. The others of the factory is special assemble workshop and lab at the office, booster. It is under pressure from machine the requirement that the vintage machining center that job shops buys and lathe enough satisfy nearly two years of production. However, this company is in the end of the year began to make arduous efforts 2010, after because its portfolio is advanced,dropping quickly a year, begin to pick up. To MPS company, the demand fastigium of autumn basically comes from the client at oil and natural gas industry. Workshop director Mr Mark Traxler says so: "Whole industry is in pick up in condition, the order that is laid aside returned online website to go up afresh again. We must plan, how to make the manufacturing rate of these spare partses rises 3 times, in order to achieve seasonable delivery goal. The two treatment operation that a typical spare parts needs to pass lathe and 4 milling process an operation, to us, whole treatment cycle is too endless, cannot satisfy any delivery date of expiration. " besides the machine down time that creates many hours, of material deferent and workpiece transfers what place of another machine tool needs to install card to debug for many times from a machine tool also can give attemper the job causes difficulty. Because be versed in in,this is an incur loss through delay that go up will be opposite the downstream generation chain-reacting of product line, much chance also can increase the risk of accumulative total error to cause relevant spare parts defect in manufacturing technology. Raise productivity to operate a level to improve treatment, make manufacturing spare parts leaves factory at an early date, mr Vogt basis the agency of local Mazak company -- the proposal of assistant of advanced sale of Machinery System company Mr John Coudal, purchased milling machine of a Mazak Integrex 200 car. Carry out a proof, this machine tool is very appropriate, the production that can satisfy this workshop completely asks. To major part, this means it to be able to make the treatment precision of material of make choice of maintains at least in 0.

001in (1in=25.

4mm) in tolerancepublic errand limits, the 6061 aluminous capable person that resemble be being used normally for example or 316 stainless steel. After be being improved valuably steadily through a year, decreasing debug time, machine down time, carry high yield is measured and reduced the respect such as product percent defective to have very big rise. After this, this company purchased milling machine of an Integrex 200 car again, nevertheless this machine tool divides main shaft beyond, still configured a layshaft. Nextpage now, the part that these two machine tools produce together exceeds 50% of crop of MPS company spare parts. However, mr Traxler points out, be not new all transformed advantages that produce technology but itself of restrospect to machine tool. If do not have Kitagawa Northtech company,offerred QJR series changes quickly chuck, so operator will cost hundreds hour every year to be in more of material carry the outfit card with workpiece to debug on, the outfit card that because arrive from a workpiece,the manufacturing changeover need of another workpiece passes for many times is debugged. In each spare parts that MPS company machines, have its oneself appropriative flexible clip is ungual, it can store and repeat use, its aperture need not machine the advantage that carry forward to be after Mr Coudal to table a proposal again, MPS company be accompanying its milling machine of car of the first Integrex purchased his the first QJR08 changes quickly chuck, this kind of chuck will help this machine tool produce its biggest advantage. Mr Traxler says, this workshop uses this to cover the experience of chuck to prove the proposal of Mr Coudal is correct, purchase its when this company when milling machine of car of the 2nd Integrex, the choice configures main shaft and layshaft at the same time on this machine tool, and the chuck that increased two 8in again. Traditional chuck clip claw uses many screw join to secure normally, and the clip claw of QJR system is in chuck surface insert the inside and outside on groove to slide, need to use key of spanner of a 6 horn to rotate only 1/4 turn, secure its or loosen. According to the view of Kitagawa company, the clip claw of this kind of chuck can finish shift inside the time in 2min, and the time that traditional chuck needs 10min above. To MPS company, this kind of function of chuck is very useful, ask when the client especially urgent when ordering goods, this kind of spare parts does not have inventory commonly, and producing such situation also is commonner. Below this kind of circumstance, use change quickly chuck can suspend original manufacturing plan easily, increase the need that workpiece produces newly in order to suit, milling machine of a car machines new part and won't lose a large number of time among them because of reorder. "Always must use each part of chuck clamp, we use different diameter to undertake machining normally, " Mr Traxler explanation says, "Falling without any troubled conditions, chuck is had make a round trip quickly the ability of switch, this is a very big advantage undoubtedly. " be machined by 316 stainless steel and the finished product part that these booster systems use is become, be in MPS company to process such data is very average issue nevertheless, but produce such circumstance to remain less, normally need changes the number that places claw is average every Monday second. Accordingly, mr Traxler points out, change the process that places claw also is not chuck actually the characteristic of the most economic time. His explanation says, this company uses his distinctive flexible clip is ungual, because be when treatment, they can match with look of work of avery kind of, achieve the goal of accurate clamp workpiece. Claw of each special clip installs the ungual base of a clip in its oneself permanently to go up; Conversely, what it machines through accurate grinding again is toothed cooperate with chuck surface, its repeat precision to be able to be amounted to 0.

0002in. Had so advanced and other precision, flexible the aperture that places claw also does not need to be machined again, otherwise, use treatment of this kind of craft to may be cost be as long as the time of 20min. Accordingly, clip claw can store till the cows come home, when planning to need to machine specific spare parts the next time, but use at once again. Mr Traxler says: "We just deposit them go up in a frame, when we need, take them it is OK to use. " he returns complement to say, the useless clip claw that leaves previously often can be machined afresh, increase the need of workpiece newly in order to suit. He says, every spare parts has to change easily, the special clip that does not need to machine bore diameter again is ungual, this is particularly advantageous to their workshop, because of them the two cars milling machine of the workshop uses the chuck of same type. Its differ exclusively is: What use on the deputy main shaft of the 2nd machine tool is annulus clevis claw, easier clamp workpiece, because the circle of this workpiece is facial,cent needs to be machined in the milling on main shaft. No matter produce what situation, according to the manufacturing plan that day, any specific spare partses can be on milling machine of any a car treatment, need to place chuck simply claw to be transferred from bed of a Che Xi to another car milling machine only can. "We can be used same a flank that the claw that cover clip machines a spare parts on the first machine tool or what machine a spare parts on the 2nd machine tool is all, " Mr Traxler explanation says, "We need to will place claw to move only move it is OK that installation arrives on that chuck that we need. " MPS company still processes much aluminous material, what what in be a graph for the most part among them, show is cylindrical great ability. Always fall in probable condition, use good material as far as possible, even if the part that does not need to use turning to machine craft, this conduces to farther play muti_function the advantage in producing whole range of products saves compound machine tool managing capital Mr Traxler says time: "Change to place claw and need not machine the ability of bore diameter afresh quickly, can make the outfit card of every time workpiece debugs time managing 30 ~ 45min. Considering MPS company the outfit card of model is debugged need 3 ~ 5h anyhow, because this is in of this respect managing be ' very considerable ' . " in addition, use change quickly the additional and spare time that chuck place wins, should exceed machine tool of associate much stage to be transferred above all muti_function the time with spare place of production of complex vehicle milling machine. Prevent expatiatory outfit card is debugged and additional material is carried, also provided additional benefit for its. For example, the staff member can concentrate energy other and main business field, develop new booster design for example, enlarge range of products. Mr Traxler sums up this full good point of new technology as follows: "Previously, we can machine about 20 only or 30 spare partses. Installed Integrex car now the bed mixes mill to be changed quickly change chuck, we can machine 50 ~ 75 spare partses. Although we are machined now production lot is relatively inferior still, but our treatment rate rose 3 times, treatment also need not add skilled worker when the most crucial part. As time elapse, when the cost of new machine tool that should have a variety of capacity and skilled worker cost photograph are compared, its can managing capital is very clear. CNC Milling CNC Machining