Put into production of base of moulding of Yangzhou high end

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By group of Jiangsu force couplet and group of American couplet model the Yangzhou force UniCom of joint-stock build uses limited company of accurate and mechanical manufacturing industry formal put into production. The put into production of this project, ended mould of our country high end and the history that the product that note model basically relies on abroad to import. As we have learned, this project always invests 29.8 million dollar, this is to grow trigonometry to invest the mould of a high end with the largest scale and base of production of the product that note model up to now, it by group of couplet of force of civilian battalion company group of model of couplet of contributive, United States gives technical collaboration birth, basically offer high-end moulding product for car, home appliance, IT. After American technologist makes an on-the-spot investigation, think, the high end of this base locates, will direct promotion grows the manufacturing industry level of trigonometry area. Manufacturing base will realize annual produce after total put into production 3 billion yuan of RMB. It is reported, at present the product has been been case inferior the enterprise form a complete set such as car and sea letter electric equipment. CNC Milling CNC Machining